Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal Service Geelong VIC

The vast majority of cars will inevitably collect some dents over the years. Little stones and even hail can slowly chip away at the panels on a car, reducing the perceived value of the vehicle and affecting its beauty too.

New paintless techniques are available now, though. This is why many people are looking for a paintless dent removal service in Geelong VIC they can trust. Breakwater Panels is capable of offering this service.

Why Choose our Paintless Dent Removal Service?

Calling upon the latest technology, the dedicated team of automotive experts are able to quickly and effectively take care of dents affecting a range of vehicles. This helps to circumvent the issues that came with the conventional technique.

Now, car owners are able to choose PDR. They find that their vehicle is returned to its previous condition and that the original paint is left undisturbed. The team at Breakwater Panels are so talented, there is no trace of the operation having been performed!

The team is proficient in a range of the latest PDR techniques. The process begins with a careful assessment of the situation and close consultation with the customer. During this phase, the right approach will be identified and a competitive quote for the work will be generator.

How does paintless dent removal work?

Once the project has been green lit, the technicians will get to work. The most common technique that is used involves the application of metal rods and body picks to push dents out from behind the body panel. The team is very proficient using this common method and thousands of small dents can be removed in the course of one afternoon!

The speed is truly remarkable and Breakwater Panels customers are always impressed. Whereas dent removal may have taken days in the past, it can now be performed much faster. This is more convenient and it also helps to cut down on the cost, given that the amount of labour that is required is dramatically reduced.

If your vehicle is suffering from small hail dents, you should get in touch with Breakwater Panels today using your preferred contact method. 

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