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Collision Repairs Service Geelong VIC

Hundreds of collisions happen across Australia each day. Ranging from small fender benders to more serious events, it can be traumatic and leave your vehicle in a very poor state. It’s important that your car is checked out after a collision to make sure that it’s safe and retains its value. This is why so many people search for a collision repairs service Geelong VIC car owners can trust. After a stressful event, car owners want to make sure that they partner with a trustworthy and compassionate group of professionals to fix their vehicle. Breakwater Panels has many years of experience in collision repairs. The talented and dedicated team of automotive professionals has worked over the years to deliver fantastic results and get vehicles back to their condition before the collision happened.

What is the process for car collision repairs?

The process begins with a careful and thorough assessment of the vehicle. The trained professionals know exactly what to look out for and which key areas of a vehicle to test. Once this has been conducted, an action plan will be created and the owner of the vehicle will be updated. Transparency is at the core of Breakwater Panels’ focus on customer service. This means that customers can rest assured they will get all of the information that they need to make an informed and empowered decision. Once the project has been green lit, it’s time for the Breakwater Panels team to get to work. This multidisciplinary team is capable of tackling all the key areas including electronics and body work. Calling upon their many years of experience, the team can work on a range of issues.

What are common issues with car collisions?

After a collision, the most common issues relate to the body paneling. The Breakwater Panels team uses a range of techniques to make sure that the body returns to its previous state. Using these techniques, the team can resolve even the most severe of dents and scratches.

The team is also able to fix a range of issues affecting the windscreen and other windows. Over the years, the team has worked on fixing thousands of those and getting perfect results for customers.

What do you get once the work is completed?

Once the work has been completed, the owner has their vehicle returned to them. A comprehensive report is offered, detailing all of the work that was performed and the current status of the vehicle. This helps the customer to coordinate their insurance claims and understand the changes that have been made.

Collisions have the potential to be very traumatic, but reliable service from Breakwater Panels makes things a little simpler

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