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Vehicle collisions are an unfortunate fact of life. They can happen when you least expect them, which is why it’s important to have the best possible insurance coverage that you can afford. This helps you to repair your vehicle and have peace of mind in an otherwise stressful time where you may have other things to think about.

Each policy is different, and some of them may have a stipulation about “choice of repairer”. If a policy allows this, it means that vehicle owners are able to find their own repairer.

This is why it is so common for car owners to look for a car insurance claims service Geelong customers trust.

If your vehicle has been damaged and your insurance is covering the bill, you will naturally want to find the best possible panel beaters out there.

Why choose Breakwater Panels for your car insurance claims?

This is why so many people decide to work with Breakwater Panels. The garage is home to a talented team of dedicated automotive professionals in the Geelong area. The team has many years of combined experience, meaning that they have worked on a wide range of insurance jobs over the years.

This means that as well as offering unbeatable work from a practical perspective, they are capable of helping customers understand and execute on their insurance claim. This is a big advantage and means that car owners can get rid of a big potential headache.

The process begins with the team assessing the damage that has been done to the vehicle. Calling upon years of experience, the team is able to detect any imperfection or damage and leave no stone unturned. Once the scope of the work has been agreed upon, the team gets down to work and begins the repairs.

The team is capable of tackling any type of repair to get the best results possible. The team makes sure that the vehicle is as safe as possible and that it looks and feels like new. This is all done within a reasonable timeframe, given that the team has a lot of experience and is capable of working efficiently.

The speed with which the team works is a big benefit, getting customers back on the road as quickly as possible and cutting down on the disruption that they experience.

If you find that your vehicle is involved in a collision and you don’t know where to turn for your insurance claims service, be sure to contact Breakwater Panels.

What if you want to make a “Not at Fault” car insurance claim?

When you’ve been in a car accident that is “not your fault”, Breakwater Panel service can take care of the whole process and help get your car back on the road fast.

See our simple not at fault car insurance process below:

  1. Call us – speak to the friendly team at Breakwater Panels on 54 482 320 and tell us what happened to your car. Will be able to calmly guide you through the next steps of your cars repairs.
  2. Drop off your car – deliver your car to our repair centre in the heart of Geelong, 54 wattlepark av Moolap, Geelong, Victoria 3220
  3. Drive out your replacement car – when your claim is ‘not at fault’, we’ll organise a replacement vehicle to make sure that your life is not disrupted.
  4. Make your repairs – our experienced team will conduct the repairs on your vehicle to ensure that it is returned to pre-accident condition!
  5. Pickup your car – come back to the shop and pickup your car, freshly detailed to make it feel like the accident never happened!

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